The Sea Spoke To Me


When I first planned my trip to Israel, my excitement was for a number of things. Firstly, I was excited to see the actual places and land Jesus walked. Growing up in a Christian home, you read about the stories in the bible, you hear about the miracles and works Jesus had performed, but it was always with the use of imagination. I always pictured in my head what Nazareth, Galilee, & Bethlehem looked like, but I could not wait to see it first-hand and really imagine the Bible in a new way. One of my favorite stories in the Bible [...]

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Prepare To Move!


Along with spiritual preparation, the second most important thing is to make sure you are ready to move around in Israel! By no means do you need to get into a marathon or Triathlon type of shape (not even close) but you do want to make sure you are comfortable enough to walk each day of your tour. If you’ve been on a history tour or similar type of journey before you will probably know what to expect but if this is your first time it’s nice to have a heads up of what to wear on your feet! The biggest [...]

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Mommy, Are We In Israel? Ok, Then When?


My ears could hear that questions “Andy- when- Israel”. Hummmmmmmm- that’s a million dollar question! When can we travel to the beautiful-blessed Land Of Yeshua? Our Group leaders from Churches and Christian schools and other mission leaders ask the same question- WHEN WILL ISRAEL OPEN FOR TOURISM? Israel has special place in hearts of millions and millions from around the world. The good and bad of Pandemic affective “Israel-Holy-Land-Tours” Israel lost all of its visitors. The land has received it’s rest & therefore is ready for next generation of visitors. Hoteliers have figured out to keep the entire Israel “Covid-free”. Israel [...]

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Come and Discover the Holy Scrolls


As Believers we lean on our faith and belief in God rather than tangible things….”We walk by Faith and not by sight” as many of us like to say. These Dead Sea Scrolls take our faith to the next level by providing that physical and hard evidence which only strengthens our faith in God! As you make your way to the lowest place on Earth, the Dead Sea, you will come across an area known as Qumran. Upon first arrival you get a “Star Wars” sense of landscape, but this wonderful and special place is home of the Dead Sea Scrolls [...]

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Israel Will Fill your Spirit and Your Stomach!


When traveling for a trip whether it’s domestically here in the states or around the world there is nothing like diving into the culture’s food and cuisine! I think a majority of people would say good eats is their favorite part of traveling and if so Israel will surely fill that desire. Here in the states there are many Mediterranean cuisines to indulge in, whether it’s a chain restaurant like Naf Naf or Pita Inn or the corner food stall or food truck outside of your work but nothing compares to eating a fresh falafel sandwich in the Holy Land!! The [...]

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Golan Heights…A Rich History


As you make your way up north near the Syrian border you will come across a historical piece of land known as the Golan Heights. For us Believers you will see sites such as Kursi where Jesus performed the Miracle of the Swine which also hosts a very ancient and old monastery. As a person interested in history, especially military history, Golan Heights was appealing because of the major battles lost and won for Israel. Here you see the battlegrounds of the 6 Day War and the Yom Kippur War which were prominent battles for the history of Israel. Although a [...]

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The Bible Coming To Life


Growing up in a typical suburban Christian household, we went to Sunday school as kids, watched all the Veggie Tale videos, played the bible memorization games to win prizes, and read scripture together as a family. In my early college-age years as I pursued a passion in ministry, the bible continued to be my rock and my place for wisdom and guidance. God’s voice becoming manifested into text; nothing better. Of course, I read all of the stories and knew them like the back of my hand. Abraham being commanded to sacrifice Isaac, David defeating Goliath, Jesus calming a storm and [...]

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Gethsemane Garden-Olive Trees old as times of Christ


While visiting Israel with your group, every inch is sacred and packed with history; bringing the gospel alive. So when traveling with your group travel to Israel, plan well, plan prayerfully. Before crucifixion; Christ prayed at Garden Of Gethsemane. The visit is very unique. Make this experience a very unique experience for your group travel to Israel. You are coming down with your group from the Mt. of Olives and then enter the Garden Of Gethsemane; from a tiny side door. You are looking at this garden; the old olive trees as old as 2000+ years old. You realize that this [...]

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A Living Artifact: The Jesus Boat


On just about every tour we offer a visit to the Yigal Alon Museum near the Sea of Galilee. This stop is the home of the 2,000 year old “Jesus boat” that is confirmed to have been around the time Jesus was alive! To have a wooden boat, almost perfectly intact from His time here on earth, really hits home the continuous fact that our God is ALIVE and real. The boat was founded by two brothers back in 1986 who stumbled upon it while walking. For any historians and archeologists visiting Israel, you will be fascinated with how this boat [...]

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Israel Holy Land Visit-More than a Stamp on Passport!


Being in the travel industry; I have been spoiled-you could say rotten spoiled. It’s part of my job to travel; to investigate; to taste; to be inspired for our Mission Trips Group Travel. Each destination is unique. Each has its own character; its own unique; very unique; completely different DNA. However; Israel travel for our group travel is a totally unique experience. For our Israel group travel for our Churches and Christian schools and Christian organizations from all over the USA; Israel travel is not just another stamp on your passport. Just imagine; walking on the same land where Son of [...]

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