Israel Airfare

Airfare will be arranged with your land package on your initial request.
Only Need Airfare? We Can Book That As Well!

“1 Stop-Shop” for your Airfare & Land Package

Our expertise in booking your Holy Land ground tour is matched by our expertise in booking your airfare. Our 35+ years of relationships with the airlines has allowed us to negotiate great airfare for your tours. We arrange all of the complex travel details including researching all available flights and schedules, handling payments and deposits, name changes, schedule changes, and the overall hassle of dealing with the airlines. Let City Express Travel be your “1 Stop-Shop”.

“Nothing against Kayak, Priceline, & online companies...
..but we are better.”

Only need airfare to Israel? Let us take care of that hassle!

Hold Your Israel Group Airfare With Only A Deposit!

1. Get A Quote
2. Book Group
3. Hold Seats
4. Pay Later
5. Prepare To Fly

How Do We Handle Your Group’s Airfare?

  • Hold Seats With Refundable Deposits

  • Book Space 10 Months In Advance

  • Manage Airline Deadlines

  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline While Traveling
  • 1 Phone Call; 1 Stop Shop

  • Best Airfare & Route Analyzation

  • Volume Power For Group Airfare

  • Handle Name & Schedule Changes

Group Perks & Advantages

Reserve seats and guarantee your fare 10 months in advance, pay for your tickets later, and make changes without penalty.

The Little Things Matter

Meal request? Seat assignments? Name changes? Frequent Flyer? We’ll handle any and all of the small details for your group.


Our selling volume with airlines allow us to negotiate group rates for your travel; helping you to make better financial decisions.

Party of

For tours with less than 10 passengers; special negotiated fares are available for your small group.

Our main goal as a group travel agency is to support you and your mission. Not only do we work our very hardest to book your group, but we also try to add additional great perks to your group as well. With the group rates, you are able to put down a deposit on seats without paying for the entire trip. That is great for groups that want to go on a mission trip, but don’t have the funds available immediately. The group rate allows you to spend time fundraising and gathering support for the mission trip. Another great advantage is the ability to add or drop seats even after you book your group space. With so many things going on in our lives on a daily basis, plans can change easily. People who did not want to join your mission trip may ask to join later, and those who committed may need to drop. With the group airfare rates, you are able to utilize that service without losing the money you’ve been stewarded with. The other amazing group perk is that we handle all of your ticketing and seats! It can be such an overwhelming task to worry about making sure tickets are correct, and then also making sure your group can sit together on your flights. We take that stress away by handling every aspect of group travel, including seats. Your experience with us comes with many more group perks and advantages. Call any of our group travel agents today and find out more!

As a group leader your job is to focus on your team, on your mission, and on your own things in life. Planning a group mission trip can be an overwhelming task, especially if you already have little time to give. Our role is to take away all the stress and hassle of worrying about booking your group mission trip. In today’s world booking a group mission trip has become more complicated. Airline mergers have caused prices to rise, and no one from the airline cares for the customer’s well-being. Costs have risen and it’s hard to know whether you are getting the best deal or not. That is where we come in! Our process is simple; give us a call with the details of your request and we’ll take it over from there. From the minute you send us a request, to the moment your team touches back on ground after your trip, we help walk with you every step of the way. Our hope is to build a great partnership with you and find out what we can do to help make your mission trip as simple as possible.

At the heart of City Express Travel we believe in the importance of the Gospel and the message it brings. We know how much of an impact a short term and long term mission trip can have on the world. We love getting to know you and the work that your group is heading out to do. That understanding is what drives us to care so much for your group. Each request we receive for your group travel and group airfare brings a sense of excitement. From the very start of your trip, to the moment your group lands back home, our group department will walk with you every step of the way. Anything can come up while planning a group trip, and our group department works hard to keep your travel as hassle free as possible. We strive to go the extra mile every step of the way for your group travel because passion for missions is written in our DNA.

As a group trip leader, booking the flights is not the only thing you have on your plate. You don’t have the time to research every possible solution to get the best fare and flights for your group travel. Our goal is to save you time while offering you practical solutions for your group travel. Using our skills we carefully research every airline and the fares they offer. From there we look at everything from an eagle eye perspective and compare the fares and flight schedules. Then using our analytical skills and travel knowledge we discuss with you the best possible option for your group travel. We make the process as simple as possible for you by taking all the tedious work off of your hands. Your role is to focus on your ministry; ours is to make your life easier!

Need Mission Trip Group Airfare For Other Destinations?

Taking a mission trip to Asia, Africa, Europe or anywhere else in the world? City Express Travel has been serving churches, schools, & missions for 35+ years booking individual and group airfare for destinations worldwide for small (1-9) and large (10+) groups.

Check out our airfare page for more information & a quick quote!

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