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The Sea Spoke To Me


When I first planned my trip to Israel, my excitement was for a number of things. Firstly, I was excited to see the actual places and land Jesus walked. Growing up in a Christian home, you read about the stories in the bible, you hear about the miracles and works Jesus had performed, but it was always with the use of imagination. I always pictured in my head what Nazareth, Galilee, & Bethlehem looked like, but I could not wait to see it first-hand and really imagine the Bible in a new way. One of my favorite stories in the Bible [...]

The Sea Spoke To Me2021-02-20T11:20:22-07:00

The Bible Coming To Life


Growing up in a typical suburban Christian household, we went to Sunday school as kids, watched all the Veggie Tale videos, played the bible memorization games to win prizes, and read scripture together as a family. In my early college-age years as I pursued a passion in ministry, the bible continued to be my rock and my place for wisdom and guidance. God’s voice becoming manifested into text; nothing better. Of course, I read all of the stories and knew them like the back of my hand. Abraham being commanded to sacrifice Isaac, David defeating Goliath, Jesus calming a storm and [...]

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