The Bible & Israel-No Ordinary Coincidence-An Oasis of Peace

By |Published On: January 7th, 2022|

The “1” place & only “1″ place on this earth-where the sacred scriptures from a “Book” gets fulfilled. Just a book or more than a book? Why travel to Israel with your group if it’s just an ordinary book?

The “Bible” is NO ordinary book. It’s packed with writings about this “1” place on the planet earth. Even though the Bible speaks about many other places; Israel is another story. Major Prophets and Minor Prophets; & then in the New Testament the book of Revelation. So much is written and fulfilled in the “beautiful land” of Israel. Traveling to Israel with your group is a very convincing matter- it’s a living proof.

Visiting Israel for our groups has a very special place in their hearts. While visiting Israel; it takes you back to the land of “Prophet Jeremiah” & “Prophet Isiah” & “Prophet Daniel” & “Prophet Malachi” & the list go on.

We advise you to plan your Israel trip for your group “Prayerfully”!

Andy Kumar

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