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Mommy, Are We In Israel? Ok, Then When?


My ears could hear that questions “Andy- when- Israel”. Hummmmmmmm- that’s a million dollar question! When can we travel to the beautiful-blessed Land Of Yeshua? Our Group leaders from Churches and Christian schools and other mission leaders ask the same question- WHEN WILL ISRAEL OPEN FOR TOURISM? Israel has special place in hearts of millions and millions from around the world. The good and bad of Pandemic affective “Israel-Holy-Land-Tours” Israel lost all of its visitors. The land has received it’s rest & therefore is ready for next generation of visitors. Hoteliers have figured out to keep the entire Israel “Covid-free”. Israel [...]

Mommy, Are We In Israel? Ok, Then When?2021-02-20T11:19:56-07:00

Gethsemane Garden-Olive Trees old as times of Christ


While visiting Israel with your group, every inch is sacred and packed with history; bringing the gospel alive. So when traveling with your group travel to Israel, plan well, plan prayerfully. Before crucifixion; Christ prayed at Garden Of Gethsemane. The visit is very unique. Make this experience a very unique experience for your group travel to Israel. You are coming down with your group from the Mt. of Olives and then enter the Garden Of Gethsemane; from a tiny side door. You are looking at this garden; the old olive trees as old as 2000+ years old. You realize that this [...]

Gethsemane Garden-Olive Trees old as times of Christ2020-12-07T09:34:26-07:00

Israel Holy Land Visit-More than a Stamp on Passport!


Being in the travel industry; I have been spoiled-you could say rotten spoiled. It’s part of my job to travel; to investigate; to taste; to be inspired for our Mission Trips Group Travel. Each destination is unique. Each has its own character; its own unique; very unique; completely different DNA. However; Israel travel for our group travel is a totally unique experience. For our Israel group travel for our Churches and Christian schools and Christian organizations from all over the USA; Israel travel is not just another stamp on your passport. Just imagine; walking on the same land where Son of [...]

Israel Holy Land Visit-More than a Stamp on Passport!2021-02-20T11:19:02-07:00