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We also specialize in booking group airfare to destinations other than Israel for schools, churches, and other ministry groups.

Mission Trips Group Airfare + Extra Perks

From the very start, our DNA has been centered on the Gospel. To us, it’s more than just planning your flights. We know and understand the Mission of the Gospel and the important calling it gives to love and serve others.

The airline industry has evolved; it’s changed in the last 5 plus years. Travel should be fun and exciting, yet often arranging travel by yourself can be cumbersome. Our experts are available to book your mission airfare & find you the best prices for your trip.

Nothing Against Kayak, Price, & online companies…but we are better.”

We Help Solve The “Puzzle” On Your

Group Airfare Questions!

  • Basic Economy or Regular?

  • How Much Are Baggage Fees?

  • Future Credit On Tickets?

  • Fees For Pre-Assigned Seats?

  • Are The Layovers Long Enough?

  • What Are The Change Fees?

  • Passports? Visas? Travel Docs?

  • Missionary Fares With Baggage?

  • Travel & Medical Insurance?

Making Your Life Easier By Planning The Trip From A-Z!

After you have submitted your travel quotation form, we will work our hardest with the airlines, wholesalers, and ticket-suppliers to find the lowest airfare possible. No stone will be left unturned as we seek to send your mission team on a life-changing experience. After we find the best options available, one of our travel experts will present you with the best options and airfare available for your mission trip.

As a travel agency that is rooted in the Gospel, we fully understand the importance of the work you do in the mission field. Our company was founded because so many years ago a mission’s team forever changed the life of our founder, Andy Kumar. We know and understand just how vital and important your mission trips are to the world and to the Kingdom. Each and every travel request that comes to us is worked on with the utmost detail and care. We work our hardest to find you the best airfare and itinerary for your mission trip. Knowing that the trips we book in the world make a major difference in lives give us the extra drive and motivation to take that extra mile for you and your mission trip.

For over 35 years we have been serving the mission community, and we have experience with every possible mission trip you can imagine. From small domestic trips across the US, international mission trips to the other side of the world, and even complex mission trips to multiple countries and destinations, we have such depth and knowledge in the travel industry that no mission trip is too complex for us. Our wealth of knowledge in this industry has given us the insight on what the best airlines are, the best routes to take are, when the best time to travel and book are, as well as a multitude of other important factors for your mission trip. This experience allows us to cater to every kind of trip those in the mission field wish to take.

While planning a trip, booking flights isn’t the only thing you have on your plate. You don’t have the time to research every possible solution to get the best fare and flights for your mission trip travel. With so many websites and airlines to choose from it can be a difficult task to book a mission trip in this day and age. Our experienced agents can take your request and use their skills to find you the best fare and flights. Using our skills we carefully research every airline and fare available for your mission trip. From there we look at everything from an eagle eye perspective and compare the fares and flights. Then using our analytical skills and travel knowledge we discuss with you the best possible option for your mission travel.

There is nothing more frustrating than booking a trip and feeling like you’re haggling just to get a good price. In this day and age when a majority of individual travel is done online, it can be easy to pay a higher fare than you should be without knowing it. It can be such a daunting task to book a complicated mission trip with multiple countries and destinations. Sometimes you may not even know where to start, but your mission trip is so vital and booking your trip is a must. At City Express Travel we make that a simple process for you. If you have a complex itinerary we can use our wealth of knowledge to book your mission trip. We have access to wholesale and discounted fares and our knowledge of the mission travel industry helps us solve your complex issues.

I cannot say thank you enough to your team for making all the flight arrangements for us, and for your dedication to helping us see the mission through! We’ve continued to sing your praises to others and hope to call on you again for another trip before long…May God bless you all as you continue to do His work and send teams out to mission fields around the world!

Ms. Julie S., State College, PA

I want to thank the team at CET for being so thorough, compassionate, flexible, and loving over the past 3.5 years of partnership. Each time we spoke via phone/email, all of you were problem solving, attentive, and on it no matter how many twists and turns happened with any given trip. CET is a force to be reckoned with and we are extremely excited to continue our partnership with you!

Pastor Amanda S., Fort Myers, FL

I just wanted to say thank you. You and everyone in your office were so amazing to work with! Our trip to Houston seriously would not have been possible without your amazing help! We were a complicated group to work with, but you and Simeon took it all in stride and made everything so easy. Truly an answer to prayer.

Pastor Erin H., Haslett, MI

Complex Itinerary

Let us take care of the complications that come with planning travel and provide you with the best itinerary and prices.

The Little Things Matter

Meal request? Seat assignments? Name changes? Frequent Flyer? We’ll handle any and all of the small details for your group.

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