Gethsemane Garden-Olive Trees old as times of Christ

By |Published On: November 7th, 2020|

While visiting Israel with your group, every inch is sacred and packed with history; bringing the gospel alive. So when traveling with your group travel to Israel, plan well, plan prayerfully.

Before crucifixion; Christ prayed at Garden Of Gethsemane. The visit is very unique. Make this experience a very unique experience for your group travel to Israel. You are coming down with your group from the Mt. of Olives and then enter the Garden Of Gethsemane; from a tiny side door. You are looking at this garden; the old olive trees as old as 2000+ years old. You realize that this is the place Jesus is said to have wept over the future of Jerusalem. Visiting Gethsemane Garden with your group can not be replaced with secondhand experience!

When traveling to Israel; small groups or large groups, plan well, plan prayerfully; talk to us today.

Andy Kumar

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