Luxury Option

For Those Looking To Explore the Holy Land with an “added touch of extravagance”
*Five Star Hotels* *Private Limos* *Helicopter Tours*
Tailor Made-Ultra Luxury Journeys Just For You

What We Do

Our Luxury department is ready to grant your wish; giving you once-in-a-life time trip. You’ll receive a VIP Private reception from the minute you walk out of the JetSleeve in Tel Aviv. Experience our luxury private tours at your pace & at your will with our VIP tour guides. Unimaginable experiences are made possible with our professional team on the ground, accompanied with Five Star Hotels, Private Limos, Helicopter Tours, & world class dining, & any other desire you may have while visiting the Holy Land.

Private & Exclusive Customized Luxury Itineraries Tailor-Made To Fit Your Taste & Style

Luxury Trips for small Exploratory Pastoral teams & Sabbatical getaways to Israel

Luxury Trips for small Exploratory Pastoral teams & Sabbatical getaways to Israel

Israel; the Land of Plenty. Imagine the taste, sights, & sounds of luxury…our team will make that dream a reality.

We will customize your Holy Land Tour

  • Private Wine Tasting Tour in the Ela Valley

  • Guided Dead Sea Scroll tour with an Israeli Professor

  • IDF Combat Training (Half day or full day)

  • Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum tour with an Israeli Scholar

  • Helicopter Tour over the Negev Desert

  • Food Workshop at a Druze Home in a village in Galilee

  • Overnight in Jordan’s Wadi Rum (including Martian tents, Beduoin dinner & hospitality)

  • VIP Dead Sea Spa Treatment

  • Kayaking on the tributaries of the Jordan River

  • Private Meeting with a Samarian High Priest in Samaria

  • And Many More!

Think Israel. Visit Israel. Let’s Explore Together.

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